The RENT to OWN approach to real estate ownership is a proven program available exclusively with the Krause Teams method to solve today’s home buying challenges! To help build your own personal wealth, your OCCUPANCY payments collected contribute directly to your savings, versus traditional renting where you are simply giving your hard earned money to the landlord with no long term benefit to you.

It can work for almost anyone who is interested…

* Good credit with a shortfall of savings for down payment
* Bad Credit: Credit scores as low as 400 can qualify for the program. Through an affiliation with a credit repair company that specializes in fixing challenging credit, there is an opportunity to repair or establish a credit history.
* Self Employed, Commission based, Salary + bonus – anyone who has traditionally proven income challenged for mortgage approval

Own your dream home with our RENT to OWN program!!

With recent government changes, the ability to be approved for a mortgage with less than 20% down has become much more challenging, however if you follow our simple program we can guarantee that you will be approved.

Want to learn more?

1) Completing the form below or email direct.
2) Requesting an appointment.
3) Getting approved.

It is possible but you need to get started.

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