Most of you are feeling the pressure of the changing market conditions in the “905” and wondering “Where are all the Buyers?”.  I personally have my home listed and am right there along side all of you wondering “do I vacuum today or not?”, “should I make the kids beds or nah?”.  Q2 and the beginning of Q3 has been the quietest marketplace I have experienced since I was licensed in June of 2005, not in regard to value, but sales volume.  Granted, I have been able to sell, work and earn in the strongest economy and like most “Generations Y-ers”, this is the largest downturn we have witnessed (hard to count the late 80’s as my Barbies still lived in “The Dream House” and weren’t effected by “Black Monday” in 1987).

Now for the GOOD NEWS!  Numerous Real Estate Brokerages in addition to both the Ontario and Canadian Real Estate Boards project, after much research, that housing prices and sales are set to increase near the end of Q3 and rise even more in Q4 of this year.  Although, many of you, myself included, want it now and perhaps the sale of your home has you in a holding pattern regarding your next life chapter, exercising patience in anticipation for the inevitable upturn in our marketplace is unfortunately required.  This is not something Generation Y-ers are accustomed to, but surely something the X’s and even more so, Baby Boomers can appreciate.

We encourage you to take the time to watch this eight minute video on what is projected for the rest of the year.  Simply click the link below!

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